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Jim Butler

Elected four times, I served in the West Virginia House of Delegates for eight years. I have a record of working with members of the community, as well as government officials. Together we passed legislation to help people in their everyday lives as well as completing major projects, like the opening of Route 35, without excessive fees and taxation. As a result of tragic traffic accidents right here in Mason County, I have been the lead sponsor, and the driving force, to pass laws to improve safety on our roads. With eight years of service in the legislature, I've voted to pass important legislation which has helped attract major job-creating business expansion in our community. Serving on the Finance Committee I worked diligently to balance state budgets with no tax increases. I have awards for completing eight years of service in the House of Delegates without missing a single day, or a single vote. I have been endorsed multiple times by West Virginians for Life, the National Rifle Association, the Citizens Defense League and many other organizations.

My professional experience includes my small excavation and logging business with my wife. I have previously worked in vintage vehicle restoration and served in the United States Marine Corps.

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